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March 15, 2002
Volume 1 No. 28
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Featured E-Author: Darrell Bain
Featured E-Publisher: Arline Chase and Sandra List
Behind the Scenes: Mary Ann Heathman [removed per request]
Featured Reviewer: Pat Fredeman
Featured Reviewer: Sue Hartigan

***Special Announcement***

E-authors and E-publishers - If you would like to contribute an article to eBook Ecstasy, please contact me so we can highlight you and your web sites. E-book reviewers, I am especially interested in four star reviews of upcoming releases.
Lida E. Quillen  

ePublishing News

Black Gate is looking for submissions of  “adventure-oriented fantasy fiction suitable for all ages - including urban fantasy, sword & sorcery, dark fantasy/horror, ‘magic realism’ and romantic fantasy - as long as it is well written and original.”  Pays 6 cents a word for up to 7,000 words, $420 for 7,000 to 14,000 words, and 3 cents a word for longer works. Buys First North American serial and electronic publication rights.

An illustrated version of A Creative Edge: Tales of Speculation by Steve Lazarowitz will be available soon. More details in a fascinating conversation with the artist, Dmitry "Deems" Kopytyn, in "Shattered Fragments," a column by Steve in the March issue of The Wandering Troll.

Canadian eAuthors launch their first Canadian eAnthology. "Looking in. Portraits of the Canadian Soul", an anthology that features original stories written by fourteen Canadian eAuthors. Totally free eAnthology, available from the CeA website

Christian E-Authors, a new web site promoting the electronic works of inspirational authors from around the world! For interested authors and publishers, we have a Yahoo list group: christian-e-author-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Confessions of a Slush Pile Reader by Patricia Chui. This article provides a little insight into the submission process.

DistantWorlds.net 3rd Annual Short Story Competition. First Place - $300; Second Place -  $200; Third Place - $100. No entry fee. SF/F stories up to 6000 words. Deadline for all submissions May 31st, 2002.

Dragonfly Publishing. Starting April 1st, the web site will have a new look, books will be offered in several new formats and automated downloads will soon be available. New titles and publishers coming too.

E2K Flash Fiction Contest begins March 15, 2002 and runs through May 15, 2002. 1st Prize: $100; 2nd Prize $50; 3rd through 5th runners up: publication and $25. Stories must be 1,000 words or less. Contest rules posted on the web site

eBookAd.Com has revamped their web site and is more user-friendly now. They have introduced an affiliate program, where members of eBookAd.com can earn a 10% commission on sales by sending visitors to eBookAd.com through the approved links they provide for the members' websites.

Edgar awards. You have to be a member of Mystery Writers of America, but ebooks are eligible for the Edgar awards. For anyone published in 2002, eligibility rules:

Congratulations to the following 2002 Eppie Award winners.

1.  Best Action/Adventure Novel:  Rogues Together by Edward M. Turner
2.  Best Contemporary Romance Novel: Cowboy in My Pocket by Kate Douglas
3.  Best Historical Romance Novel:  Dakota Dawn by Marion Marshall
4.  Best Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Novel: Shadow in Starlight by Shannah Biondine
5.  Best Romantic Suspense Novel: (Tie) Siren's Song by Kimberly Grey and Midnight Intentions by Michele Bardsley
6.  Best  Single Title/Mainstream Novel:  Cousin Feely by J.B. Jones
7.  Best Fantasy Novel:  (Tie) Winter's Orphans by Elaine Corvidae and The Crystal Throne by Kathryn Sullivan
8.  Best Science Fiction Novel:  Mothership by Tony Chandler
9.  Best Horror Novel:  (Tie) Borderland by W.J. Calabrese and Fate by Robert Arthur Smith
10. Best Mystery Novel: (Tie) Twice Dead by Elizabeth Dearl and Buried in Baltimore by Louise Titchener
11. Best Thriller Novel: For Honor by Yvonne Harris
12. Best Historical Novel: Treason by Meredith Whitford
13. Best Inspirational Novel: Sea of Hope by Penelope Marzec
14. Best Young Adult Novel:  A Star for Courage by Elizabeth Main
15. Best Children's Book: Mystery Of The Octagon House by Gay Kinman
16. Best Anthology:  Blood, Threat & Fears by Dearl, Iles, Spindler, & Sontup
17. Best Poetry Collection: Murder by David Halliday
18. Best Nonfiction Self Help: Become a Romance Writer by Lori Soard
19. Best Nonfiction Philosophy: The Price of Freedom by Alexander V. Domokos Domokos & Rita Toews
20. Best Western Novel: (Tie) Ride a Cold Wind by Judith R. Parker and Man Hunter by Dusty Rhodes

ePubbed.com - authors and publishers, submit your press releases for posting in the new announcements section. If you are publicizing an event, please send the release at least two weeks prior. Authors:  If you have an e-publishing or e-reading article you would like to have reprinted in exchange for a bio and blurb, please email it to epubbed@yahoo.com.

EroticSF.com is open to short stories up to 10,000 words. Stories may be published individually or in collections. Purchases world-wide electronic rights and pays 25% royalties on all sales.

Future Orbits is seeking unpublished, character-oriented, well-paced science fiction stories from new and established writers. Prefers stories up to 5,000 words. Payment is $.06 to $.10 per word on acceptance for first worldwide publication rights. Please mail submissions to Tom Vander Neut, Editor, Future Orbits, P.O. Box 239, Hatboro, PA 19040.
Email submissions from outside the U.S. to:  editor@futureorbits.com.

Jeff Kirvin on the future of the publishing industry in his recent article, Publishing Reborn.

KnowBetter.com has established a survey of ebook users in an effort to help readers, the media, publishers and manufacturers better understand the needs of this market. They plan to publish the results of the survey.

Larraine Stacey, author of The Chaos Scroll, was Spotlight author for the month of March at Women on Writing.

Mushroom eBooks is part of Mushroom Publishing, a UK based print publisher founded in 1990 by Martyn Folkes and Helen Simes (now Helen Folkes). From their web page, "Finding it increasingly hard to compete against the conglomerate publishers and bookselling chains that are only interested in the tried and tested formulas, Mushroom Publishing were forced to look to new means of survival. They found it in the internet and in electronic publishing."

Open eBook Forum (OeBF) has launched an "Open an eBook" campaign.

Scribes World is interested in interviewing authors who have books (ebooks or print) with a release date of April, May or June. Check out previous interviews and send an email message to interviews@scribesworld.com for details.

This is also a great place to obtain a review of your upcoming release.

Writing contest. The Eternal Night is looking for SF stories minimum of 3,000 words (no maximum limit). The story must take place entirely at night or have night as the central theme. Language and subject matter PG-13. Winner will receive a signed print by David A. Hardy and a cash amount of US $50. All entries must be received by July 31, 2002.

Rumor Mill

Authors and publishers be wary of web sites offering to trade resale rights to ebooks. A couple of such web sites are entering into agreements and then posting the books on their sites for free without permission.  They give no rights in return.


AllAboutMurder announces their newsletter, AAM in the News. "We have a bit of something for everyone. Like murder, suspense, thrills, and a bit of romance? Check out our monthly updates from movies, to books, to writers tidbits, to quizzes and polls. Interested? You need not be a member of AllAboutMurder to subscribe! Hope to have you join in the fun!"

ebooksonthe.net is currently putting forth a number of new titles each month. Featured titles include a leprechaun book for March, The Casebook of Doakes and Haig and a fantasy novel, Eyes of Truth.

e-Vampires.net News. Premiere Issue March 15th. For readers and writers of vampire and shapeshifter fiction on the web. Looking for new vampire books published, nominated for awards, author guest appearances/speakings or booksignings, contests, what's new in vampire sites, latest zine or ezine published. Don't miss eVampires.Net News!
Authors and publishers send info to news@e-vampires.net

Twilight Times Books is offering some exciting fantasy releases. Available March 2002: A Creative Edge: Tales of Speculation by Steve Lazarowitz, Darkly, Darkly by Robert Marcom and Jerome and the Seraph by Robina Williams.


Open Letter to E-Publishers/Authors/Readers

The Future of E-Books

Darrell Bain, author of Hotline to Heaven, Medics Wild and Postwar Dinosaur Blues

Amazon.com showed the way with print books. Why hasn't anyone done this  with e-books?

Before Amazon came along, those who wanted to shop for print books had to go to a book store--where only newly published books were available as a rule--and not nearly all of them and not for very long for any one title. Anything else had to be ordered, a very expensive process. With the advent of Amazon.com, though, (followed by B&N, Borders, etc.) a shopper could go to one web site and order dern near any print book in the world. In only a few short years the concept proved overwhelmingly successful.

So, why not e-books? E-publishers complain and complain about slow sales and they go in and out of business so frequently that their authors have problems knowing who is viable from week to week, much less the customers.

What's missing? The same thing which isn't missing at Amazon.com, B&N.com, etc. --a central place to purchase e-books. Why hasn't someone exploited this niche? If I were a few years younger and had just a little money, I would try starting a company myself to "warehouse" e-books. As it is, each publisher tries to sell from their own web site (with a few exceptions)
and  no one publisher has many sales.

I will state the following as a fact and anyone who likes can try refuting it: e-books will not be really successful until a person can sit down at his/her computer and have access to at least 90% of all the e-books available AT ONE WEB SITE. AT ONE WEB SITE. Repeat intentional.

What is so hard about this concept? Publishers need not merge or give up their identities any more than small print publishers do now. They simply need to make their book list available to a central site and pay the toll, i.e., 5-10 per cent of the download price to the central site. What's better--having your e-book available at one site with millions of customers or available at one site with (at best) thousands of customers?

There are a number of web sites which are attempting to list a catalog of e-book titles, some even with click-throughs to the publishers, but it is a hit and miss thing, and isn't customer friendly anyway. Who wants to have to jump off to another site, fill in more credit card info then jump back and continue shopping--and do it again and again for different publishers? Not me, and not a heck of a lot of other people, either. We want to shop in one place and pay in one place.

Okay, suppose someone starts this company? How do we make not only the general public but also the already knowledgeable e-book shoppers aware of it? Simple enough: charge 1 percent of the download price and use this for advertising. Or more if it takes that.

What about all the different formats? Simple enough, too. E-publishers would have to make their book available in html format or MS reader, for example, that anyone could download as the basic one, then others such as hiEbook could be optional.

What about a cheap, universal e-book reader? When we have a single (or no more than a few) sites, each of which list ALL e-books for sale, then a cheap e-book reader will follow. I guarantee no American entrepreneur would miss out on that opportunity.

Last question: when is someone going to get started on this? Or has someone? Once in place there's nothing the big boys could do to stop e-books from capturing their potential market share.

I am open to comment and/or rebuttal.

 - - - - - - -
Author Info:

Darrell Bain has been writing most of his life though he didn't get really serious about it until the purchase of his first computer which made correcting his typing so much easier. In the last ten years he has had a total of twelve books either published or currently under contract to be published. Two of his works were finalists for the EPIC 2000 Awards and another nominated for the Frankfurt e-Book awards. His writing ranges the gamut of genres from Science Fiction to Romance, from Non-fiction to Suspense and from Children's books to Humorous Adventure and humorous non-fiction. Darrell Served a number of years in the military, including two years in Vietnam. His first published novel, Medics Wild was based in part on his time in Vietnam.

His e-books are available from Double Dragon eBooks, SynergEbooks.com and Writers Exchange Publishing.

Get at least one wacky story a month plus much more with his free newsletter, Laughing All the Way. Subscribe at http://www.authorsden.com/darrellbain

Visit Darrell's website

Copyright © 2002 Darrell Bain.


Response to: Open Letter to E-Publishers/Authors/Readers

Sandy Cummins, Publisher, Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Darrell, I think mainly the problem would be the overwhelming work load. You would need to have quite a bit of finance to start because it could not be a one-person operation, there are just too many books released per month from all the publishers.

There is another alternative though....

I do something similar, I distribute books by other people at our site, and it is true that there is less workload that way. The publisher provides me with the books, blurbs and anything else I need. I just need to code the webpages and track the sales.

What we need is more cooperation between publishers.

For instance, every month a certain publisher (Lida Quillen of Twilight Times Books ) sends me her new books to evaluate, once I have read them to make sure they are up to our editorial standards (which so far they always have been) or fit in with my vision for my site, I release them at Writers Exchange along with my own books.

I treat her the way I do one of my authors. she gets 60% of all sales and like all my authors she has a royalties page she can check at any time.  Once I pay her, it is then her responsibility to pay her authors the correct ratio.

The only change I make to her distributed books is the line, "This edition is distributed online by Writers Exchange E-Publishing" - the rest of her company information (including logos) all remain on the book.  So next time, the customer has a choice between buying again from me or checking out her site.

That sort of arrangement benefits us both and I think should be encouraged between all publishers.

 - - - - - - -
Author Info:

Sandy Cummins has been helping writers since her first writing website appeared on the internet in 1997.  Since then she has bought her own domain and Writers Exchange was born.  After winning accolades from Writers Digest, her writing website expanded to include an electronic publishing company of the same name

Copyright © 2002 Sandy Cummins


Response to: Open Letter to E-Publishers/Authors/Readers

Mary Ann Heathman, President & CEO, LionHearted Entertainment, Inc.

  [removed per request]

 - - - - - - -
Author info:

Mary Ann Heathman is the President & CEO of LionHearted Entertainment, Inc.

Copyright © 2002 Mary Ann Heathman


Arline Chase and Sandra List, new owners of eBooksonthe.net

eBe:  Why did you get started as an ebook publisher?

Arline: Both my partner, Sandra List, and I have been enthusiastic about ebooks. I have been an author on the site since 1999.  EbooksOnThe.Net has been in business since 1999, but was due to close in December. We bought the website as of January 1, 2002, so we are pretty new at this.  Sandy is a printer by trade and we hope to improve the quality of the product.

eBe:   Do  epublishers currently have a reputation for producing quality novels?

Arline: One of the most often heard criticisms of ebooks is that they are filled with typographical errors that wouldn't be tolerated in printed work. I think in some cases that is true. I do think on many sites, such as your own Twilight  Times, sell books where the quality is the equal of a print publisher. We want that to be equally true at EbooksOnThe.net.

Sandy adds: Also, unfortunately ebooks publishing is gearing up to be the newest "get rich quick" scheme on the internet, and that is a definite detractor to legitimate companies like ours.  "Publish an ebook even if you can't write!" doesn't do a blessed good thing for the legitimate electronic publishers on the market.

eBe:  What will you do to earn a good reputation for your company?

Arline:  Aside from enhancing the quality of the product? We do have some plans. We believe in our authors and have formulated a Reading Committee to choose new work for the site very carefully.  We want it to have something for every reader. We also want our authors to be aware of each and every sale they make. We want to promote them, and to help them promote their work.

Sandy adds: I believe that accountability and good communications will enable us to earn a good reputation for our company and keep it. I think one of the most commonly heard complaints I encounter about online businesses is their lack of customer support.  I think that communicating well, and often, with our customers--both authors and ebook-buyers--will serve us well.

eBe:  What changes, good or bad, have you recently seen in the epublishing industry?

Arline: A lot of sites are closing. That is sad and I think it's because they  anticipated  more of a market than is currently available. There will be a larger market, and we want to be ready when it arrives.

Sandy adds: I think they anticipated greater and faster market growth than  what  actually occurred also. I believe that some of the closing of sites also has to do with the general dot-com fallout and drying up of venture capital. But ebook readers and PDAs are just getting going. Three, four, five years down the line they will be considered as much of a necessity  as a computer is today. I think also as the technology improves ebook readers will become more popular.

eBe:  What do you have to offer that perhaps traditional (print) publishers do not?

Arline: We offer books are not produced with a cookie-cutter. There used to be 50 or so independent publishers. Today, though there are almost  as many imprints, there are only about five mass market publishers all owned by  large  communications companies like Disney, and Time-Warner/AOL. Editors used to buy books, now they have to get approval from the marketing department. I can say from personal experience that several times my book, THE GHOST DANCER, got to that stage with print publishers only to be turned down because "they don't know how to sell it." :D

I have to agree. My book doesn't fit any  genre without  "falling  through the cracks" as more than one NY agent advised me. But EbooksOnThe.Net published it two years ago and since then readers have enjoyed it and reviewers have been generous with their praise.

Sandy adds: I agree that since the costs of book production (and storage and shipping  and warehousing) are not nearly so much a consideration, that ebook publishers can go out on a narrower limb. :)

And there is and SHOULD BE a place for literary works that may not be the stuff of mega-best-sellers. We have a writer whose book we plan to debut in April. His writing  is WONDERFUL. Quirky, eerie, and definitely not mainstream. And he deserves to be published.

eBe:  What genres do you offer?

Arline:  We'd like have something for everyone. In  fiction we have mainstream, romance, mystery, sci-fi, literary, humor--all  the  usual. In non-fiction we have biography, humor, poetry, and we are actively seeking how-to, cookbooks and ethnic materials. We have children's books, teen books, adult novels and books on aging.

Sandy adds: I think we will not limit ourselves to certain genres for quite a long time. I would like to see more submissions in terms of reference books--books on collectibles, etc. I think there is a market for those types of electronic texts.

eBe:  What do you see as the future of ebooks?

Arline: We do believe there will be  a growing future for ebooks. We do not believe they will replace paper books anymore than TV replaced Movies. What we believe is that when folks realize they can load ebooks into their Palm Pilots or other small pocket devices and never have to read another  year-old copy of Newsweek in anyone's waiting room again, there will be a growing market for ebooks.

Sandy adds: At the Congressional commission where I work, Palm Pilots are finally taking off, and the staff is beginning to comprehend just how much can be packed into a small PDA. There will come a day when they will not have to haul a suitcaseful of treaty documents and hearing transcripts all the way to Warsaw or Vienna or Lisbon or Istanbul.  They will have the resources they need to perform their tasks at their fingertips.

Ease of use. Clear communication. Ready availability.

We are working on it!

Electronic books available from:

 - - - - - - -
About the publishers:

Arline Chase is a writer who writes 'some of everything.' She is the author of the novel The Ghost Dancer, a romantic tale of adventure and spirituality,  co-author  of  the  non-fiction title How to Promote and Advertise & Market Your Published Books, [available from Write Words, Inc.]  and author of six ebooks including the short story collection The Drowned Land. That collection won the Maryland Governor's Award in 1984 and was an Eppie Finalist in 2000.
These books are all available from http://www.ebooksonthe.net.

She has published  more than 500  short stories and articles in national and local magazines, spent  five years as a working journalist covering "cops and courts and her mystery novella, "Final Exit," was a first place winner in the A&E Mystery Writing Contest.  Becoming an ebook publisher is a step in a new  direction for her: it's a challenge, but a welcome one. You can visit her  website at www.arlinechase.com  or contact her by email arline@mail.com.

Sandra List is a federal printer who works on Capitol Hill. She has a master's degree from The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University, and has completed two novels. She is an avid jewelry designer and her work can be found at http://www.gingertree.com.

She has been selling online for many years via online auctions and from her own site and is an incurable web addict.


Title: Jerome and the Seraph
Author: Robina Williams
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
ISBN: 1-931201-53-6
Genre: Fantasy
Reviewed by Pat Fredeman

A modest and kindly friar dies and goes - somewhere.  Where he is not sure, because no one else is there.  It isn't "easy being dead," he discovers.  No one to ask.  No one to talk to.  Except a cat, who comes and goes and who looks exactly like the ginger tom who silently patrolled the friary that Brother Jerome used to call home.  But in the new place, erstwhile Leo sports a new name: Quantum.  Now he can talk and he knows things - things backwards and forwards and up and down - and he manages all past and present time zones simultaneously.  Brother Jerome develops a headache:  He cannot understand who? what? where? when? how? why?

Quantum is patient though a trifle condescending at times.  This is understandable, for, like all cats, Quantum seems to know all the answers to whatever, wherever, whenever, however, whoever, and whyever.  When Jerome fails to sufficiently understand the principles of gate-making and particle dispersion that will allow him to trip back to the friary for a little human-type companionship, albeit a trifle unilateral and ghostly in rapport, and ends up fused with an oak tree, like unto a pagan dryad, Quantum is Mystery Cat on the Spot to extricate him.  After several lessons in the art of focusing, concentrating, looking, seeing extraterrestrially, and holding on to his new mental dimension, Jerome becomes more adept and less of "an unguided missile" traveler who freaks out still-earthbound-but-already-on-the-path fellow friars by peeking out of portraits and popping out of headstones.

There are mysteries at the friary, and Brother Jerome does his bit to solve them.  The devil is in the details, but Jerome has one "hellava cat" to assist him.  Most everyone gets in on the act, from Pagan Pan to Pre-Raphaelite William Holman Hunt.  The brothers, including the "beyond-the-grave branch," help thread the tapestry:  Bernie, Iggy, Semper Fidelis, Angus Dei, Valentine, Eggy, Peter, Olly, and Al.  Golden-eyed Quantum knows them all and knows how to target, select, and weave continuously.  Is he autonomous or not?  For a cat, he seems to get along respectfully well with The Hound of Heaven.

Amid a plethora of reading material that shows man brutally subjugating matter, churning titanic waves in the environment, solving absurdly clever puzzles, and moving mountains to make love ring true, who would have thought such a seraphically smug cat could represent such basic, intelligent change in the interests of spiritual consummation?  Robina Williams has tackled the oldest and most troubling question known to thinking and spiritually concerned humans. JEROME AND THE SERAPH is a charming and deceptively simple story, filled with delightful puns and serenely sly humor.  It is a book to cherish.

Reviewer info:

Pat Fredeman is the author of Paradise Regained.

Copyright © 2002 Pat Fredeman.

Title: Colorado Spitfire
Author: Glenda D. Tudor
RFI West
Western Romance
Reviewed by Sue Hartigan

5 daggers

COLORADO SPITFIRE is labeled as a western romance, but it is a whole lot more, in my opinion.  This wonderful book is a mixture of romance, mystery, and intrigue, all with the west as a backdrop.  You will cry one minute, laugh the next, and all the time you are doing this, you will be sitting on the edge of your chair in anticipation of what will happen next.

Kirk Sander owned a huge parcel of land, and had worked his whole life making it into what he wanted it to be.  A very successful ranch, and home, for his family.  Then one day he was murdered.  Murdered by a very wealthy, and selfish, rancher who wanted that land, as his own, Sam Evans.  When Kirk was killed it was up to Billy to take over the ranch and keep it going.  There was only one problem, Billy Sander was Kirk’s daughter, and girls just weren’t supposed to be ranchers.

...While Billy is trying to protect what is hers, a man appears wanting work.  Dwayne Ingham, a drifter, shows up in town.  He has a job to do. But in the meantime he hires on at the ranch.  There is instant sexual chemistry between Billy and Dwayne.   And with him, Billy lets her guard down and is herself.  Meanwhile another drifter comes onto the ranch, also looking for work.  Herb Walker also has a job to do, but in the meantime he signs on at the Sander Ranch also, bringing with him secrets about his past.  Both men are very attracted to Billy, but she only has eyes for one, Dwayne.  And she makes that very clear to both men.

...Ms. Tudor has drafted an exciting story with even more exciting, and colorful, characters using the west as the backdrop.  She has made these characters both authentic and believable, while not trapping them in the stereotypical old west “shoot ‘em up”.  She has managed to combine mystery, love, thrills, and deceit in a story that is so compelling that you just become hypnotized.  You will find each, and every, character very bold, and brilliantly crafted.  So much so, that you can actually feel what they are feeling, and either sympathize, hate, or love them. They are real, and become old friends very quickly.

I really loved COLORADO SPITFIRE.  For those of you who love westerns, you will be in awe, and totally at home, with this one.  For those of you who think you do not like westerns, are you in for a big surprise. COLORADO SPITFIRE is so brilliantly crafted that it could have been written in any time period, and any setting.  But by using the old west, Ms Tudor has made it even more wonderful.  I recommend that everyone go out and buy this terrific book.  I know you will be very, very pleased with it, and want only what I wanted when I finally read that last page.  More from the very talented author, Glenda D. Tudor.

Reviewer info:

Sue Hartigan is a member of RIO and reviewer for All About Murder Reviews.


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Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc.

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The Scent of Stone
Savannah Michaels
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The Fiction Works

Lazarus Drop
Paul Moomaw

Twilight Times Books

A Creative Edge: Tales of Speculation
Steve Lazarowitz
SF/F anthology

Darkly, Darkly
Robert Marcom
SF/F chapbook

Jerome and the Seraph
Robina Williams
Religious Fantasy

Wings ePress Inc.

My Pretty Lady
Marilyn Gardiner

Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Hotline to Heaven
Darrell Bain

Prince of Shadows:  Book 1 of the Shadows Trilogy
Jennifer St. Clair

The L'Arobi Frame
E. L. Noel

Zeus Publications

Eyes of Truth
Linda Suzane

John Doan
SF romance

XC Publishing

Snowballs in July
Jeffrey Denhart

Zander eBooks

Strong Arms of the Law
Vickie Kennedy


Annette Gisby is pleased to announce the release of her first e-book, Writing the Dream, now available from ebookad.com. Part autobiographical, part how-to, Writing the Dream gives the real story on what it's like to publish a book. Find the answers to all those questions you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Awe-Struck E-Books - for the best in romance and sci-fi and everything in between, check out the reads at Awe-Struck E-Books. "Choose a pure pick-a-pak of great Awe-Struck titles for sitting by the pool..."

Bloodlust2: The Taming of Serge Dumont by Marilyn Lee available from Ellora's Cave. NC-17.

Author Glenda D. Tudor's Colorado Spitfire available now from RFI West. Free short stories available on her website.

Double Dragon's Affiliate Program allows authorized individuals or businesses to sell Double Dragon eBooks, paperbacks and hardcovers directly from there website for a profit ranging from 15% to 20% of the retail price without the need for eCommerce service fees or inventory purchasing.

eBookHome.com is an independent retailer of electronic books and reading devices. Our purpose is to make it easy for you to download and read your favorite eBooks and get the latest news about the eBook industry.

eBooks N' Bytes, brought to you by Eva Almeida, is jammed packed with useful resources for electronic authors, gathered together in well-organized sections. Includes: where to promote your e-Books, links to send out free press releases, e-book publishers accepting submissions, and e-book reviews.Don't forget to list your e-Book in the directory.

eBooksOnThe.Net offers a wide selection of genres that will fulfill one of two purposes: entertain or inform. Current selections include Eyes of Truth by Linda Suzane, Death to the Centurion by Mark Misercola and The Casebook of Doakes and Haig by Patrick Welch.

Free Promotion Services from Electronic Book Web. Offers a number of free services designed to help you communicate directly with members of the international eBook community

From Damn Good Books: What Every Woman Should Know About Men by Anonymous (If the guys knew I wrote this they'd cut my you-know-whats off). An ebooklet (only 25 pages, $7.95) tells women what their fathers didn't tell them about men and their mothers couldn't because they didn't know.

Living Off the Employment Grid by Lori and John Enos. A guide to making and saving money for the unemployed, the underemployed, and the self-employed. Available through ePubbed.com.

March is Children's Month at SynergEbooks.  All Children's eBooks only $4.00! All Children's CD-ROMs $1.00 off!

Latest edition of The Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fiction Web Site is online.

Special offers! from DiskUs Publishing.

The Dragon's Cave bookstore new listings include fantasy novels Dragon's Horn by  Glynnis Kincaid, Eyes of Truth by Linda Suzane and The Casebook of Doakes and Haig by Patrick Welch.

Twilight Times Books maintains a Freebies page with listings of Free ebooks from various publishers.

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