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January 15, 2002
Volume 1 No. 26
ISSN 1530-5287

eBook Ecstasy

This issue contains a combination of late December and January releases. The December 2001 and the January 2002 news has been combined. Due to technical problems, the December issue was delayed.

Be sure to read the farewell message from Susan Bodendorfer, publisher of Wordbeams. Susan, we will greatly miss you.

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Featured E-Author: Kevin W. Smith
Featured E-Publisher: Susan Bodendorfer
Featured E-Publisher: Ruth and Robert Marcom
Featured Reviewer: Cindy Penn
Featured Reviewer: Jonathan Fesmire

***Special Announcement***

E-authors and E-publishers - If you would like to contribute an article to eBook Ecstasy, please contact me so we can highlight you and your web sites. E-book reviewers, I am especially interested in four star reviews of upcoming releases.
Lida E. Quillen  

ePublishing News

2001 Dream Realm Awards, the first annual award dedicated to excellence in e-published speculative fiction, including Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Additional categories, Anthology, Young Adult and Cover Art.

Action/Adventure - Rush to Glory by Robert L. Hecker, available from Double Dragon eBooks.
Anthology - A Magic Dwells by Patricia Lucas White, The Fiction Works.
Cover Art -  Dark Angel by Nicholas Krueger, Double Dragon eBooks.
Fantasy - Winter's Orphans by Elaine Corvidae, Novelbooks Inc.
Horror - Single White Pyschopath Seeks Same by Jeff Strand, Wordbeams.
Science Fiction - The Wages of Justice by Kate Saundby, available from Double Dragon eBooks.
Speculative Romance  - A Host of Ghosts by Jim Gilbert, Zander Ebooks.
Young Adult - Whisper Upon the Water by Connie Vines, Hardshell Word Factory.
Bill Warner is this year's recipient of the 2001 Jamie Engle E-Publishing Award.
Twilight Times ezine is the recipient of the 2001 Dream Realm eZine Award.

2001 Pearl Awards. Nominations accepted through Jan. 31st. Barbara Sheridan writes:
"To refresh everyone's memory and to give those readers a chance to hear of your pnr [paranormal/futuristic romantic] books they might have missed we'd appreciate it if you could send us (or resend) a list of this year's paranormal/futuristic romantic novels and anthologies you've published. The PEARL is open to books/stories that have been published for the FIRST time this year either in print or electronic formats. (a 2000 or earlier e-book that's new in print for this year is ineligible.)"

Beyond Stone and Steel available now from Hard Shell Word Factory. Author, Brian W. Vaszily, writes:
"Like so many people, I could not stop seeing the fiery media images of buildings and planes from September 11 in my head, and I could not stop thinking about all those human beings who died inside. I began writing Beyond Stone and Steel on September 13 as a personal piece to deal with the horror, but was literally driven to work at it day and night, completing the first draft in three weeks."

50% of the publisher’s proceeds will go to various September 11 charities, while 50% of the author's proceeds will go to the Families of Freedom Scholarship FundTM, a college fund that will benefit victims’ children based on their financial need.

"E-books: Don't write ending to online publishing just yet" - an article in the Kingsport Times-News about epublishing.

eBooksonthenet.com is now under new management. Arline Chase and her partner, Sandra List, recently purchased the epublishing house from Connie Foster. Arline wrote: "We are pleased and happy to have acquired the site and plan to keep it around until the market catches up to the product."

eWriters Valentine Contest runs from January 14 through February 14. Visit each of the author's web pages and find their game piece to win. First prize $250.00. Second prize $100.00.

Jade Walker is the featured author for January at Scribes World. Check out the other author interviews.

Inscriptions Magazine is sponsoring the Engraver Awards to honor the achievements of writers, editors and publishers working online and in print. Nominations will be accepted from everyone in the writing community until Feb. 1, 2002.

MightyWords, Inc. ceased operations effective January 12, 2002. For those of you who had personal libraries there, you may still be able to contact customer support.

Palm Digital Media's release of their bestselling ebooks for 2001 noted they are averaging 1,000 new customers a week.

Pocket PC eBooks Watch web site reports on ebook technology and content for Pocket PCs.

Popular fantasy author Steve Lazarowitz wrote to say: "For those of you in the Boston Area, I'll be at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel to attend Arisiacon 2002...[Jan. 18-20] to promote my new book Reflections of a Recovering Servant, which is due out in electronic format in February."

The eBook Community (TeBC) Archive (formerly known as the eBook-List), an archive that includes all email posts since Jon Noring began the list in 1996. [Ed. note: valuable resource.]

The "Publishers Relief Fund Coalition" was formed for Victims and Emergency Personnel involved with the terrorist attacks against the United States of America on September 11, 2001.

In this joint effort, a portion of all sales income from participating publishers' websites will be donated to a fund to be set up to assist the survivors and emergency personnel involved in the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh. Final donations for the fourth quarter are being collected for this worthy cause.

Participating publishers include:
Atlantic Bridge Publishing, Linda Eberharter, Publisher
Awe-Struck E-Books, Kathryn D. Struck, Publisher
Bookbooters.com, Toby Emden, Publisher
DiskUs Publishing, Marilyn Nesbitt, Publisher
Hard Shell Word Factory, Mary Z.Wolf, Publisher
NovelBooks, Inc., Penny Hussey, Publisher
PDA Bookstore.com, Mark Hollingsworth, President
Puff Adder Books, Karen Scott & Diana Hayden, Publishers
Sunnyside Up Publishing, Cheryl Larkin, President
SynergEbooks, Deb Staples, Publisher
Treble Heart Books, Lee Emory, Publisher
Twilight Times Books, Lida E. Quillen, Publisher
Writers Exchange, Sandy Cummins, Publisher

Upbeat article on the future of epublishing.$953

Wordbeams has closed the epublishing division, but they are still updating the web site with info on your favorite Wordbeams authors. You'll find links to the author's new publishers as well as the authors' personal websites.

Writers Exchange E-Publishing has moved to a new web host with much higher bandwidth. During the changeover there was a slight mail error and emails for January 10 - 11th never arrived. So if you sent an email during this time please resend as they may not have received it.

Rumor Mill

Saxco Publishing web site down. Saxco authors on a writers' email list report difficulties in contacting the publisher.


AllAboutMurder announces their newsletter, AAM in the News. "We have a bit of something for everyone. Like murder, suspense, thrills, and a bit of romance? You need not be a member of AllAboutMurder to subscribe!

iBookTime.com -- where print books meet ebooks. Features include an Electronic Book Directory and Author Directory Locator. iBookTime.com is seeking business articles.

The Dragon's Loft has added several new titles this month including such fantasy novels as Escape the Past by K.G. McAbee, The Blood that Binds by Rie Sheridan and Dragon's Horn by Glynnis Kincaid.

Twilight Times Books is offering some exciting new fantasy releases.
Coming February 2002: Reflections of a Recovering Servant by Steve Lazarowitz, The Thirteenth Magician, epic fantasy by Patrick Welch and Eyes of Truth by Linda Suzane.


What's Wrong With Your Head?

by Kevin W. Smith

What's wrong with your head? Really. Your head could be costing you a lot...if it is wrong.

Do you write for publication? Do you post your articles in free content groups and sites? If you do, you are doing so in order to be published. Being published means hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of people will be seeing the links in your "Author's Resource Box" at the end of the articles. Of course, that means more traffic for your site, and that's the name of the game.

As editor-publisher of three e-zines, I go in search of content each and every day. There are a few sites I visit in order to find the content I require. I visit them because their policies are not so restrictive that new and fresh ideas get bounced.

As I begin looking for content for my e-zines, I click open one article after another. Since I am extremely busy (I also produce a talk show and write), I budget about 5 seconds for deciding whether or not to read an article once it opens in my browser.

Five seconds?!!

Yes. Five seconds. I read the title first. If that interests me, I look for the "free-to-publish" statement. If I find it immediately, I scroll down and read the article. If the title does not interest me--Zap! That's it. I move on. If the title interests me but I have to search for the "free-to-publish" statement--Zap! I move on to another article. Why? Because, if the author does not care any more about his/her article than to waste my time searching for what I should see immediately, I am not going to publish the article. It's nothing personal. It's just reality.

I am not the only publisher who is pressed for time. I am not the only publisher who expects the author to have the courtesy and professionalism to place a proper header on each and every article.

The header material on an article posted to a free content site is vital. It is there for a reason. The reason is to get your article past the five second review that most editors use.

So, just exactly what is wrong with your head(er)? These are a few of the things I encounter and that immediately kill or hamper the article's chances of my publishing it.

1. It is AWOL

A surprising number of articles are sent to free content sites with no header at all. The header material is there for the editors. If you don't care enough about the editors to provide them with the information they need to see, you don't deserve to be published.

2. It is Too Fat

I have seen headers that took almost an entire page. That is not necessary and is self-defeating. Headers above articles are supposed to provide the editors with a snapshot of the article. The header is not a family portrait.

3. It is Too Lean

Not enough information is just as destructive to your publication chances as having too much information in the header.

4. It is to P.T. Barnum-ish

Do not put links to other articles in your header. Do not make your header an advertisement for the one, the only, the great and wonderful, now appearing in the center ring, YOU! Just tell the editor what he/she needs to know about THIS article.

5. Lacking an FTP Statment

An "FTP" statement means a "Free To Publish" statement. This statement should contain words to the effect:

"This article may be freely published with the author's resource box intact."

If that statement is not visible to the editor in the first few lines appearing on his screen, your chances of being published are diminished by immense magnitudes.

I have seen a lot of articles that contain an FTP statement at the end of the article. Since an editor needs to know up-front that the article is free to publish, how does it make sense to put that information at the end of the article. A few times, I have read
articles that had no FTP statement in the header. I liked the articles and would have used them. However, since the author was inconsiderate or unprofessional enough to put what I needed at the end of the article instead of in the header, I did not publish them. Believe me, I am not the only editor who follows this practice.

A good header should contain useful information for the editors who are going to take a look at it. It should contain the following:


Word Count

If your FTP statement says that the author is to be notified upon publication, it should contain an e-mail address. Otherwise, no e-mail addresses or web addresses should appear in the header. Why? Because the editor is not looking for you. He/she is looking for content and has come to a site he/she trusts and relies upon for content. The editor is not likely to come to a single-author site in search of content. He/she is going to be shopping sites with a variety of authors and topics. It is up to you to come to the editor by posting your articles in such sites.

There are two sites I use religiously in my search for content. Yes, there are literally hundreds of free content sites, but I find these two are the most reliable in terms of variety and quality:

Article Announce -

ArticlePublisher Group -

Both of these groups require a proper header. ArticlePublisher Group seems to do a bit better at enforcing that policy, but both groups do require the header information.

If your articles are just not being published at the rate you feel they should, ask yourself, "What's wrong with my head?"

 - - - - - - -
Author Info:
KEVIN W. SMITH is an international talk show host, writer, and editor. His articles have been published in newspapers, magazines, e-zines, and web sites. He has published several e-books. You may e-mail Kevin at:
or you may visit him online at:

Copyright © 2002 by Kevin W. Smith. All rights reserved.


Farewell from Wordbeams

While many of you have heard that Wordbeams will be closing its website on December 31, others either don't know, or have only heard rumors. I'd like to set the record straight.

It's true--the Wordbeams website will close after 12-31, due to medical necessity. This is, in fact, the ONLY reason that I would even consider closing Wordbeams, the company I gave birth to at the end of 1999 and nurtured into a publishing house that has earned the respect of the industry and my authors, and enjoys a fine, untarnished reputation for excellence and professionalism that helped catapult it to the upper echelon of the independent e-publishers. (Hey, I'm closing down, so I have the right to toot my own horn just a bit! LOL)

Sadly, our industry has experienced a rash of extremely unfortunate scenarios involving the closing of some less than professional e-pubs who've treated their authors shabbily, left their authors to fend for themselves without much notice (if any), and, in some cases, have withheld payment of royalties, as well as created a host of other problems. This disgusts me. I think it's unconscionable and I would NEVER want Wordbeams mistakenly lumped into this category.

Here are the facts concerning the Wordbeams closing:

I have a musculoskeletal autoimmune disease that causes severe inflammation of both soft and hard tissue. Because I was experiencing severe pain, a battery of tests were done and the results showed that part of my spine has fused together and other parts are deteriorating. This has been worsened by sitting in a chair for 15 to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week for more than 2 years now.

Basically, I was told that my job is killing me and that if I want to save my health and reduce further injury, I mustn't sit for more than 4 hours a day, 5 days a week--with long breaks at each hour. Otherwise my future wouldn't be a very pleasant one.

There's just no way I could operate Wordbeams that way and maintain the quality for which it's known. Without those 15 to 18 hours a day, the work simply wouldn't get done. Like most independent e-pubs, it's basically just me working out of my home, wearing a dozen or so different hats, with a bit of freelance or volunteer help here and there. I know full well that many of the e-pubs who've been around for a while can understand exactly what I'm talking about. ;-)

My authors have always been of primary importance to me, so I wanted to give them as much notice about the closing as possible and told them about this just a few days after my doctor visit in the first week of October. My announcement was understandably difficult for all concerned.

I'd like to commend and thank the other e-publishers who, upon learning of the circumstances surrounding the Wordbeams closing, opened their cyber-doors to our authors, allowing them to submit their soon to be orphaned books for consideration. This they did even though most of them were closed for submissions, or were so busy themselves that they could barely see straight. Don't ever let anyone tell you that we don't have some exceptionally warm, caring, and professional people in this industry. I've always looked at the other e-publishers as a part of my community, rather than as competitors. In order to succeed in this struggling field, I've always believed that we must come together and help each other, rather than to adopt a cutthroat attitude.

So many have asked me why I didn't sell Wordbeams so that it could continue. Yes, I've had some offers for mergers or for buyouts, but I'm not interested. Wordbeams is my "baby" and, quite honestly (and with no offense meant to anyone else <g>), I just don't think anyone else could or would run it with the same love, devotion, and attention to detail that I did. It would be awful to see the Wordbeams name taken over by someone else and perhaps watch the company deteriorate. Remember what happened to Bookmice? I shudder to think of something like that tarnishing the good name of Wordbeams--or having something terrible like that happen to my authors. I've been fortunate enough to gain respect and a fine reputation in the industry--so, when Wordbeams closes, it goes out on top. <g> I think that's the best way to do it.

While I'm not going to disappear and will continue to have an online presence, I will be drastically cutting down the time I spend at the computer.

Yes, this is tough--rather like losing an extremity, because Wordbeams is my "baby"--but I'm going to come through this just fine. I'm a survivor and I know that when one door closes, another opens. ;-) To reiterate once more, the ONLY reason I'd consider doing this is for health--not money (or, considering the industry, should I say the LACK of money? LOL!) or pessimism about the industry. I LOVE e-publishing and KNOW that it will be a great success in the future. Yes, it will take time and a lot of patience, but I always knew that, right from the beginning. If you all hang in there, your efforts, perseverance, and faith in the industry will pay off--believe me. It may take a few years, but ask yourself--where would you be in a few years anyway if you bailed out now? Stick with it and you'll be rewarded in the future.

Finally, I'm always asked if I believe e-books will one day take the place of print books. No, I believe e-books will eventually be an accepted and popular alternative when the public is educated about e-books and their benefits. We sometimes forget that most people still don't have any idea what an e-book is! <g> I believe handheld readers need to be vastly improved and brought down in price so that they're a viable option for the average consumer. And I believe that the dozens of formats out there now are hurting the industry and causing confusion and headaches among potential readers as well as industry insiders. One or two standard formats needs to be decided on so that ALL books purchased can be read on ALL handheld devices. Just my two-cents. <vbg>

You already know that I love e-books, but how do I feel about print books? (I'm asked that all the time.) I love them, too! In fact, I have hundreds and continue to acquire more. It's just not an "either-or" thing to me--never was and never will be. You don't have to love one and hate the other. It's not a loyalty issue. There's plenty of room for print and electronic to coexist and to complement each other beautifully. Books are books, whether in electronic format or print. I'm just an incurable book junkie and always will be. I adore reading. And I adore writing (which I'm eager to get back to).

I've so very much enjoyed getting to know and to work with my authors, as well as so many others in the e-publishing community. What a wonderful cyber-family I've had these last couple of years. It's been a ball! Thank you all for being such an important part of my life and for helping to make Wordbeams the great company that it is.

Susan Bodendorfer, Publisher

Copyright © 2001 Susan Bodendorfer


Robert & Ruth Marcom, Publishers of Stargate Electronic Library

eBe:  Why did you get started as an ebook publisher?

Stargate Electronic Library was conceptualized as a response to the theory that inexpensive electronic publishing was possible.  The underlying belief is that what can be done with less expense, will be done and will be successful.

Electronic publishing is as important a paradigm as was moveable type.  Production costs, shipping expense, storage, and remaindered books and magazines combine to make e-publishing extremely compelling, versus conventional printed literature.

eBe:  Do epublishers currently have a reputation for producing quality novels?

Among the techno-elite, the jury has not come in.  Among the rest of society, epublishers are still "beneath the radar."

What will you do to earn a good reputation for your company?

Stargate Electronic Library adheres to conventional business philosophy: A product of good value, sold at a very reasonable price, and delivered with high standards of service will prove to be highly regarded by all.

eBe:  What changes, good or bad, have you recently seen in the epublishing industry?

There's been a very healthy shakeout of the concerns that were under capitalized, inefficient, lacking of a sufficient business model, or that were unscrupulous.  The companies that remain in business at the end of 2002 will probably be the "Fords, General Motors and Chryslers" of epublishing.

eBe:  What do you have to offer that perhaps traditional (print) publishers do not?

We sell children's books with features that would be very expensive and difficult (if not impossible) to duplicate in a print book:  Interactivity (games, puzzles), sound effects; text read by authors; animation.

eBe:  What genres do you offer?

We publish fiction and educational books for children, ages pre-K through juvenile.

eBe: What do you see as the future of ebooks?

After a period of time, while the problem of e-readers is addressed, e-books will begin to replace printed materials of all types.  The lack of an inexpensive, high definition, highly portable (think magazine) E-reader is the biggest obstacle that e-publishing faces.

The back-lit LCD, the computer monitor, and the notebook-style reader has been refused by the general public.  New technologies, currently in development, will find a combination of features that the average reader will accept, and at that point content for those readers will become highly desirable.

 - - - - - - -
Publisher info:

Ruth and her husband Robert  are a team.  Ruth is president of Stargate Electronic Library (soon to be Inc.).  Robert is the technical support, and the production manager for the company.  Together, Ruth and Robert founded Stargate in 1998 for the purpose of publishing children's books on CD ROM.  They saw the computer as the perfect learning and reading environment for children.  With  various combinations of audio, graphics, animation and interactive puzzles, each of their books turns reading into a multimedia experience for kids.

Ruth is educated as a teacher for the state of Texas, and has an extensive business background.  Robert is retired from the field of contract archaeology and--as he puts it--is "gainfully unemployed as a writer."  They've worked together in contract archaeology, re-roofing their house, and as inventors of a publishing model.

Stargate Electronic Library...a new paradigm for literature


Title: The Thirteenth Magician
Author: Patrick Welch
Twilight Times Books
ISBN: 1-931201-48-X
Epic Fantasy
Reviewed by Jonathan Fesmire

Get ready for a ride into the imagination of fantasy newcomer Patrick Welsh, with his first novel, The Thirteenth Magician. Although it starts in a tavern, a somewhat typical fantasy location, the story immediately shows its uniqueness. Daasek, the protagonist, is there to murder a perverse magician.

Daasek is not the villain, however, but the tortured anti-hero, driven by an external force to go from town to town, killing Horea's few wizards.

The first wizard shown in The Thirteenth Magician is actually Daasek's seventh intended victim, a sorcerer with his own tricks. Due to the magician's cruelty, Daasek's suffers horrible, burn-like wounds all over his body, leaving permanent scars that he must bear for the rest of his life. Daasek moves on, haunted by the magician's words in the aftermath of their encounter.

As the title suggests, Horea has thirteen wizards in all. As the story progresses, we learn that Daasek's mission is to murder all but one. Each wizard represents a separate god or goddess, and provides their patron deity with a portal into Daasek's world. By killing the wizards, Daasek shuts out the very gods.

Though Daasek remembers little of his past, Welch reveals this information to the reader, starting in the second chapter. Daasek comes from a fishing village and a challenging, yet happy life. Then the thirteenth magician came, stole Daasek's soul, and ruined his life.

Welch uses a straightforward style with little frill, making the novel a smooth read. Still, the story is packed with relevant description. I had some very strong images of each character and place, which made Horea, the world of the novel, seem very real. Hints about the history of each city and port also helped ground me in Welch's world. From the great warbacks that swim the seas, the odd birds, and the vicious desert reptiles, Welch describes an interesting place indeed.

The philosophical ending may take readers by surprise. I had to think about it for awhile before coming to understand what Welch probably meant. Rather than risk giving anything away, I'll leave it to other readers to decide for themselves.

If all e-books are of this high quality, then I foresee that area of publishing gaining more acceptance soon. I hope that one day The Thirteenth Magician will also be in print, but don't wait for that day to read it. It's worth getting in electronic format and reading now.

- - - - - -
Author info:

Reviewed by Jonathan Fesmire for SF Site.
Jonathan Fesmire has traveled to France, Germany, Estonia, Finland, and Ireland. He enjoys speaking French and learning bits of other foreign languages, but most of all, he loves writing, and has sold fiction to Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, SpaceWays Weekly, Jackhammer, and others.

Copyright ©  Jonathan Fesmire

Title: Unlawful
Author: Dorice Nelson
Publisher: NovelBooks, Inc.
Historical Romance
Reviewed by Cindy Penn

Winner of the WordWeaving Award of Excellence

Bruic the Badger, age thirteen, stands horrified at the massacre of his fellow Gaels. He had been stolen from the Gael seven years before and enslaved to a Norseman. Bruic's master makes him pay when he tries to hide a girl child who could have been sold. The child's mother Alma is kidnapped, and over the years keeps the legends and language of his Gael heritage alive.

Years later Bruic feels guilty for what he must do to his fellow Gaels. He must capture the An Dun Geata Fortress, but vows the battle will be bloodless. His orders come from Olaf the White, who attempts to reclaim Dublin from the Danes. Olaf holds Bruic's twin sons hostage to assure victory. Bruic hopes locating the coves of An Dun Geata will make the trade Olaf desires once he controls all of Gael. Perhaps it will be enough to secure the twins' release and help him find his long lost siblings. But Olaf will not want to loose Bruic's potency as a warrior nor his gift for finding ports in the lands that they conquer.

Only a minor queen, known as the Black Bride, rules An Dun Gael. Queen Kellach grapples with a Dark Druid's curse, having laid four husbands to rest without the pleasure of consummating any of the marriages. Only her kidnapped mother Alma holds the power to lay the curse to rest. As invaders arrive, she realizes Ronan, her over-king Morfinn's stepson, has betrayed her. Despite his betrayal, Ronan vows to marry her, as he and his step-father force her to spy for their cause. Her over-king orders her to make the Badger trust her, and in return, Morfinn will find her mother.

Bruic would like to make an example of the Kellach with her defiance and fiery valor. He plans to bend her to his will, even as she vows vengeance. She dares not soften to this man, despite their electric attraction. The Northmen devastated her clan years ago, and now enslave her clan. Until her high-king can rouse all of Gael, they risk their resources falling into Olaf and the Northmen's hands. But Kellach suspects Bruic's personal reason for being in Gael, believing that he holds his own secret motivation. She needs to know the underlying reasons for him being there, and what he wants both for her and for her country.

Rising star Dorice Nelson once again displays her dazzling mastery of atmosphere and description in the extraordinary historical novel UNLAWFUL. This innovative storyteller creates a tale both memorable and remarkable in its recall of dangerous days and threatening nights. The characters come alive with their foibles and daring, hatreds and passions, from the stunning hero and heroine to the loyalty of a canine, villagers and warriors are equally vividly realized in startling array, capturing the deepest nuances of the era. Very highly recommended.

- - - - - -
Author info:

Reviewed by Cindy Penn for WordWeaving.com

Cindy personally reviews 50-60 books a month.When she's not reviewing or working on WordWeaving, she spends time with her beloved teen sons and soon-to-be husband. Owned by 21 cats, two dogs, four tarantulas, one snake, two bearded dragons, and two fire bellied toads, Cindy threatens to sell tickets to the 'Zoo' to raise extra cash so she can buy more books.


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Fantasy anthology


Ardeon is a community of established fantasy artists, writers and poets.

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The Moon Child


Eyes of Truth

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