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  October 15, 2001
Volume 1 No. 24
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In upcoming issues, we plan to include information on worthy ebook news. So, epublishers can feel free to send us their press releases and info on upcoming releases. Authors should send notification of book signings, awards or other achievements and readers should provide feedback as to the features you would like to see added to eBook Ecstasy. This is *your* newsletter.

For those of you who missed the September issue, feel free to read it online.


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Featured E-Author: Judy Cullins
Featured E-Author: Rusty Fischer
Featured Reviewer: Stacey Bucholz
Featured Reviewer: Tracy Farnsworth
Featured Reviewer: Rita Hestand
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ePublishing News

Academic Libraries Take an E-Look at E-Books

American writer Steven Levy and Indian novelist Amitav Ghosh garnered $50,000.00 each on October 10th by winning the International eBook Award Foundation's 2001 Grand Prizes.$710

Book Promotion on a Budget, a useful column written by MaryJanice Davidson appears at Writing-World.com.

Charlee Compo has eleven novels being translated into German for Kripgans Books and five novels being considered by a Hollywood producer. She was profiled in the Writer's Digest's premier issue of Publishing Success Magazine.

Clara Award winners included a few electronic books such as The Price of Freedom, by Alex Domokos, Redemption by Morgan J. Blake, Sea of Hope by Penelope Marzec and The Threshing Floor by E. L. Noel.

Electronic Publishing Timeline by Karen S. Wiesner, author of Electronic Publishing The Definitive Guide.$328

EPPIE Awards. Only two weeks left to get in your entries for the third annual EPPIES!  Any e-book published between November 1, 2000 and September 30, 2001 qualifies, and no, you don't have to be an EPIC member to enter.  Get your entries in by October 15th!  For more information and an entry form:

First winner! Electronic Publishing: The Definitive Guide (2002 Edition) by Karen Wiesner is the first winner of the eBooks N' Bytes Award of Excellence for Epublishing Book of the Year!

Flexible Design An eBook Necessity is an informative article by Dorothea Salo.$608

How Electronic Ink Will Work by Kevin Bonsor is up at the HowStuffWorks website.

Independent e-Book Awards were designed to recognize and reward talent in electronic books and digital storytelling from authors with independent publishers and self-published authors. All nominations must be sent by midnight (local time zone), November 30, 2001. $1,000 Prize for Best of Fiction. 1,000 Prize for Best of Non-Fiction.

Interview with S. Joan Popek about promoting your work on the web. Joan is the author of Jump Start Your Writing Career with Electronic Publishing.$685

Jeff Strand will be a guest at the 20th anniversary of Necronomicon, a SF/F/H convention held in Tampa, Florida, October 26-28.  He'll be participating in the following panels:  "E-Publishing, Print on Demand, and Promotion on the Net," "Online  Support For Writers" and others as well as the annual round-robin story.  For more information visit

Joyce and Jim Lavene will be on two panels at the Cape Fear Crime Festival in Wilmington, NC, October 26-28.

Leta Nolan Childers will see her 29th, 30th and 31st books being released this month; Holiday Hearts, Sarah and Samuel Give Thanks and The Ornament. All with DiskUs Publishing.

Licensing by Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D. This informative article relates to issues presented to authors, publishers, web site owners and designers.

Planet eBook recently spoke to Paul Clayton, the author of Carl Melcher Goes To Vietnam, about his latest book and how he feels being nominated as a finalist in the prestigious 2001 Frankfurt eBook Awards.

Special page on eBookWeb to highlight all of the special donations, books, sales, activities, etc. that companies are doing in the aftermath of events last week. If you are doing something special now, or plan something, please send your info to

In September 2001, SynergEbooks purchased Gemini Books from it's owner, Lisa Schmidt. In addition, Debi Staples of SynergEbooks and Barbara Quanbeck of Word Wrangler Publishing, Inc. have agreed to merge Word Wrangler eBook titles into the SynergEbooks site. Word Wrangler will continue to market its paperback titles.

Steve Lazarowitz will be one of the main Uncommoncon Guests over the Thanksgiving Day Weekend in Dallas this year. Steve is hosting the Dream Realm Awards and running a short story seminar.

Rumor Mill

Author complaints filed against Crossroads Publishing with Preditors and Editors (tm) and Eguild.

From their web site: "We are sorry to report that we have suspended operations at Contentville, effective September 28."

The Kudlicka Publishing web site was no longer accessible at press time.

Wordbeams may cease operations after the end of the year.


AllAboutMurder announces their newsletter, AAM in the News. "We have a bit of something for everyone. Like murder, suspense, thrills, and a bit of romance? Check out our monthly updates from movies, to books, to writers tibbits, to quizzes and polls. Interested? You need not be a member of AllAboutMurder to subscribe! Hope to have you join in the fun!"

iBookTime.com -- where print books meet ebooks. Features include an Electronic Book Directory and Author Directory Locator. iBookTime.com is seeking reviews and interviews. Part of our inventory available are ebooks from various publishers. If you would like to be a part of our Flea Market business and have your books on display (sales are not guaranteed), please contact me. mailto:manager@ibooktime.com

In the third year of business, Scribblers has acquired distribution rights for over 3,000 unique titles including all genres, fiction and nonfiction, children and adult. The first bookstore totally devoted to electronic books..."

Word of Mouth BOOK BLURBS BI-WEEKLY  lists book blurbs, back cover descriptions, review snippets, sample chapter links, cover art, and purchasing links from new and already published e-books and print-on-demand titles.

With the explosion of new titles in digital format, WOM saw a need to provide a place for readers to browse for reading material.  Brick and mortar bookstores have not begun to carry e-books or print-on-demand titles in a meaningful way yet, so Word of Mouth BOOK BLURBS BI-WEEKLY has stepped into the gap.

Come to Word Wrangler Publishing and discover the exciting new world of electronic books! Secure shopping cart, prompt 24 hr. service and plenty of eBooks to choose from. While you are there, sign up for our free, twice monthly newsletter, enter our free Fantasy Writing Contest and download free eBooks! New eBooks added frequently.


But It's Not a Bookstore!

The author of Beyond the Bookstore reveals Five (Other) Places to Sell Your Self-Published Book

By Rusty Fischer

We all know that selling a self-published book can be a daunting task. Finding your way into the Megabookstores, as nearly anyone can tell you, is a Herculean effort that doesn't end once your book gets placed on the shelf.

So how does a self-published author rise above the depressing statistics and make his book one of the rare success stories? Simple: Stop thinking of it as a BOOK! This may be a difficult task for the literary professor who has just published his treatise on French Aristocrats in Turkish Cinema, but for the rest of us, it gets a little easier every day.

Yes, you hold in your hand a book that you self-published. You're proud of it, the cover makes you smile, and seeing your name on the spine is a dream come true. But what you also hold in your hand is a "product." Something to sell. Like soap or perfume, seashell sculptures or hand-crocheted potholders, you have just produced a consumer product.

So why be content with pawning it off on a few Megabookstores and leaving it at that?

Branch out, explore, and you are sure to find a wealth of other venues to sell your self-published book.

Here are 5-for starters:


Don't overlook your humble abode when starting down the long and winding road to self-publishing sales success. Whether you're a bonafide recluse or a verified party animal, you're bound to have some visitors, whether it's crazy Aunt Zelda or the bug man!

Place a consumer-friendly table in your foyer or visiting room, and display or stack eight to ten of your books in an attractive, inviting manner. Invest in a simple receipt book (for tax purposes) and place this discreetly in a nearby drawer or under a seat cushion. If your book bears the price near the bar code, explain that this is negotiable, and don't be a hard sell. Any family member, delivery person, or Bible salesman who buys your book is simply icing on the cake, so be willing to negotiate--a little.

After all, anything you make over the printing price is profit, and perhaps you can turn the profits from your living room sales into a better display rack somewhere down the road!


Why limit yourself to retail outlets? You've got your foyer cash register set up at home, why not establish one at work! Invest in yet another attractive, lightweight, and simple display case, and always keep a stock of eight to ten copies of your book on hand, with more in a file cabinet if this idea takes off!

Clear this one with a supervisor or boss first, and then designate space on your desk or file cabinet for your display rack and receipt book. Make inexpensive posters for the cafeteria or break rooms, and you might even want to go so far as to create cut-off "coupons" giving employees a 10-20% discount off the regular sale price. Depending on the size of your company,
this could be a real winner for you-and your self-published book sales!


Individually owned and operated gas stations or auto repair shops are another alternative to bookstores. Waiting rooms are full of antsy customers tired of the Sports page and battered Field & Streams, and placing a display case in a popular spot, such as near the complimentary coffee machine or television is a great way to develop customer demand. Just make sure you have an agreement with the shop owner concerning customer theft, and you could find that car repair customers turn out to be some of our more avid readers--and hopefully--customers!


Depending on your body type, and type of book, the local gym or fitness center could just be a great place to rack up some very "healthy" sales. Anything to do with food or fitness, fashion or sports would have a great chance of picking up extra sales between the sauna and the shower, and even books that specifically appeal to men or women, such as adventure stories for the former and romances for the latter, can be offered along with the spandex and headbands in the obligatory gift shop on their way out.

Whether this gift shop is just a greasy sales counter or a stand-alone storefront at your local gym, don't overlook this great place to offer your self-published book.


Planning a family reunion anytime in the future? If so, be sure to bring a carton of books and have them ready for quick sale. If not, WHY not? Your family members are some of the only built-in customers you'll find-anywhere! So you might as well take advantage of them. After all, not only will most of them buy a copy, but many will want to buy copies to sell to their friends, or even give away down at the Moose Lodge or retirement home. After all, nothing's worth more than bragging rights to a loyal family member! And signing your books ahead of time makes them keepsakes to treasure for generations to come.

 - - - - - - -
Author Info:

As a multi-self published author through some of today's biggest and most unique ePubs and POD pubs, such as Booklocker.com, Athinapublishing.com, IndyPublish.com, Xlibris.com, and Bookbooters.com, Rusty has a wealth of
experience in publishing and promoting myself through both traditional and technological means, as witnessed by his two latest books, 101 Ways to Promote Your E-Book for Free and Beyond the Bookstore: 101 (Other) Places to Sell Your Self-Published Book available at

Copyright © 2001 Rusty Fischer


Why Should I Buy Your Book? How to Turn 'Lookie Loos' into "Take-out-the-Credit Card-Buyers"

by Judy Cullins, author, publisher, book coach

You say your book has lists, how-tos, easy-to-read recipes? 124 pages? Do these features give your potential buyer enough of a reason to buy your book?

Probably not, unless they are your best friends. Instead, let your reader see and hear reasons to buy by placing "selling" words (benefits) with your features.

You need to answer your buyer's questions about how your book will make them richer, healthier, and make their life easier. You need to memorize these benefits and have them ready to spout when someone asks you what your book is about.  Leave the plot or story out. When you verbalize them, just stick to the thirty second "tell and sell." Or, when you write, sprinkle those benefits around on your front and back cover, in your introduction, and in your table of contents.

Potential buyers read these essential "Hot Selling Points" first, before they open the book to skim the chapters.

Benefits are the words that will bring your buyer running. Why? Because benefits are the end result of satisfactory use of your product. For instance, one client's new book, Not on My Table: Protecting Your Children from Poisons in Our Food, wrote: Includes: "quick- scan shopping lists." Turning these features into reasons to buy, I suggested adding a benefit: "stop confusion with the "quick-scan, time-saving shopping list."

Your audience wants results--challenges and problems solved. They want to feel good inside, savvy, and that they are doing the right thing by buying your book. Put a little emotion in those benefits. So, keep your features, but preface them with benefits. Your buyer must be persuaded by your words and know your book will satisfy their emotional wants and practical needs. Give your readers a reason to buy.

How to Write Benefits and Features for Your Book

On an 8 ½ by 11" paper make a list:

1. Write the exact product/service your want your prospect to buy. Write your title.  For instance, Ten Ways to Market Your Book Online.

2. Write three features of your book. These are distinguishing facts about your product. For instance, Ten Ways includes 1) simple, step-by-step "how to" exercises to start an eMagazine, 2) useful web site addresses for marketing your book through writing short articles and tips, and 3) specific author's time and money-saving tips throughout the book.

3. Write three benefits of your book. These are the advantages your buyer gain as a result of the features listed above.

Here's a few samples:

1)Creating and sending out an eNewsletter on a regular basis builds credibility, trust and profits.

2) Giving authors links and web site addresses of top web sites help the Web site build content, and helps the author bring attention to his book through the link to where his book is sold.

3) The specific, highlighted "author tips" are short, easy-to-read, saving the reader time, while giving valuable information.

Remember, adding practical and emotional benefits to your features will hook your "lookie loos" into a "take-out-the-credit-card" buyer.

 - - - - - - -
Author Info:

Judy Cullins: author, publisher, book coach
Ten Non-techie Ways to Market Your Book Online
Write Your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast!
Coming on Nov. 8th, a teleclass on five powerful ways to market books online.
Subscribe to FREE ezine "The Book Coach Says..."
Email: Judy@bookcoaching.com

Copyright © 2001 Judy Cullins



Title: Beasts Are Us
Author: ATK Butterfly
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
ISBN: 0-7599-0226-7
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Reviewed by Barry Hunter

One of the fascinating things about ATK Butterfly’s writing, besides being consistently entertaining, is that he injects thought provoking ideas into his storylines and creates a desire to better understand what he is trying to tell us, the readers. In this highly original novel, he explores genetic manipulation. But rather than explore human experimentation, he has a group of animals manipulated with human characteristics in order to promote products, star in movies or become attractions at amusement parks.

Some of the more interesting characters are Nine of K a police dog, Ethel the Mermaid, Curly Pigskin the football mascot, Lo Phat Chicken, Wolves in Sheeps clothing, Darth Roach, Star the traffic reporting eagle, real plumbing snakes, Wally the stockmarket Bull, and a host of thers that are able to make the grade into doing what they are created to do and others who have some of the same problems that humans have.

This is a very interesting book due to the questions it may pose about gene splicing and the related developments that could possibly occur. It is also a fast and enjoyable read that will please even the most jaded reader. This is another winner for ATK Butterfly and I can’t wait to see more.

- - - - - -
Author info:

Born in Centre, Alabama. Married in 1968 to his wife, Kathy and they have one son Scott. In real life, he is a computer Information Specialist for a wholesale distributor. He hosts a chat every second and fourth Friday night at 9:00pm on the web at www.cybling.com.

Barry was a staff reviewer for Pulphouse published by Dean Wesley Smith and Kris Rausch. He wrote reviews for Cliff Biggers Future Retrospective and after encouragement by Dick Geis of Science Fiction Review, Mike Glyer of File 770 and others began publishing his own fanzine Baryon in 1975. The first five issues were called What the Postman Brought, with Baryon as its name with issue six.

Baryon Online, the web extension of Baryon has been on the web since 1995 and has seen continued growth each year.

Copyright © 2001 Barry Hunter

Title: Second Generation
Author: Beth Anderson
Publisher: Atlantic Bridge
ISBN: 1-931761-18-3
Genre: Mainstream
Reviewed by Stacey Bucholz

Second Generation is a story that spans thirty years.

Michael Shaunnesy has a baby daughter that is the joy of his life and a wife that has no concept of spending money. The year is 1937 and unfortunately for Michael his only money is in savings. And it won't last forever if his wife gets to it. Until one night , when opportunity presents itself in a small bar where he meets Emilio Castivenette.

Emilio is a man desperate to get back to Columbia to find a hidden emerald mine. He has a map and  the determination to look forever  but he doesn't have the money. He talks Michael into putting up his savings with the promise of a partnership in the emerald mine and riches beyond belief.

When Emilio and Michael find the hidden emerald mine their dreams are fulfilled. Monetarily at least. Emilio hordes his half of the money and Michael's wife Daisy spends his. But he is determined to teach his daughter Leigh to run his half of the mine and learn to run the money correctly.

During one of their trips to Columbia fate steps into Leighs life in the form of Emilio's randy son Girardo. At fourteen Leigh finds herself pregnant with his child when she returns to the United States and plans are made for their Chinese housekeeper and her husband to raise her daughter.

...I couldn't begin to tell you everything in this wonderful story. I was only able to touch on the finer points. You will find so much going on and so many depths to the story that you will thoroughly enjoy. Beth Anderson has written a truly marvelous book. Second Generation is fast paced and highly exhilarating. I found the style and intrigue to be very similar to another favorite author of mine and that is Jackie Collins.

I absolutely could not put Second Generation down. The characters were all so interesting and the way Ms. Anderson intertwines all the relationships is astounding. I truly loved this book and I was thrilled to be reading every page.

- - - - - -
Author info:

Reviewed by Stacey Bucholz for AllAboutMurder Reviews.

Copyright © 2001 Stacey Bucholz

Title: The Gunn of Killearnan
Author: Dorice Nelson
Author's website:
Publisher: NovelBooks, Inc.
Historical romance
Reviewed by Rita Hestand


Because of his mother's lies, Gerek Gunn does not trust women.  So when he runs smack dab into a fiery little lassie poorly disguised as a lad, he knows better than to believe a word she says. Even if she is intriguing. Still, Gerek has one goal, to become "The Gunn of Killearnan".   And no once will get in his way.

Catriona McFarr escapes her cruel father and brothers and thinks she has foiled them when she runs into the biggest, most handsome man she's ever seen. Knowing all men must be like her family, she doesn't trust this man. Still he might be better than returning to wed her intended, The Beast of Battle.  Anything would be better than that. Catriona fights for her independence at every turn.

...She fights him tooth and nail, and they have several adventures upon the way to Killearnan. Gerek finds himself more than a little drawn to the hellcat and makes love to her, thinking her a seasoned woman.  To his surprise, she is not.  And the fight begins again.  She's lied to him again.  He can never trust her.  Catriona is petrified at what is happening to her. She responds like a kitten to his flirtatious manner, and finds herself being made a fool of when he discovers she is a virgin.

...Dorice Nelson brings us a tale of two fabulously detailed characters, that are meant to be together, yet yanked apart at every conceivable turn, usually by their own stubbornness.  She goes into great depth to bring out every aspect of her heroine's fiery temperament and uncertainties.  She also brings out the all male, yet somehow vulnerable character of Gerek.  In short you'll sigh when they come together and scream when they part, you'll live through this adventure that pulls out all the emotions.

Dorice has done an exceptional job of making this an adventure you won't soon forget. And there is one character that all
will fall in love with, Dubh!  I won't tell who that is, it'll spoil the mystery of it all, but believe me, you gotta love Dubh! Thanks for the marvelous read, another one added to my collection of favorites.

 --Rita Hestand for Romancing The Web Reviews

- - - - - -
Author info:

Rita Hestand brings you reviews by romance authors of historical, western, contemporary, and sometimes even biographical.  Rita writes romances for Wordbeams Publishing. Check out Pretend Mom, and her newest release, Nick's Baby from Wordbeams. http://www.wordbeams.com

Visit her personal pages and get to know a knowledgeable writer/reviewer:

Copyright © 2001 Rita Hestand

Title: The Undertaker
Author: Lauryn Hale
Author's website:
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1-58749-081-1
Genre: Historical Romance
Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth for Ivy Quill Reviews

"He calls himself The Undertaker. He has spent the past years in search of the ruthless murderers who raped and murdered his mother and sisters. When he arrives in the Colorado Territory, he has one goal in mind--locate Kristian and find out why she walked out of his life. When the opportunity to win a man's ranch arises, The Undertaker plays his best hand and wins the ranch and hopefully, in the near future, Kristian's love.

The Undertaker is a breathtaking story that had me hooked from the prologue. Compelling narrative and fascinating characters combine for an exceptional story. I heartily recommend this story to all romance fans.  A minor word of warning: there are a few rape and abuse scenes. They are not graphic, but the intent is there and some may not enjoy them. Overall, Lauryn Hale has painted a perfect portrait of the times, and I am sure she will have a prolific career. An outstanding story from Lauryn Hale, The Undertaker is one of the best books I have read this year!"

- - - - - -
Author info:

Tracy Farnsworth reads anything and everything! Tracy lives in Northern Vermont with her husband, son and daughter.

Copyright © 2001 Tracy Farnsworth


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Practical Tips for Online Authors. Revised and updated for 2001.
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